Output 6-7 pieces;
▫️ sour milk cheese (fatty) – 350 g;
▫️egg – 1/2 (half);
▫️ vanilla sugar – 10 g (optional);
▫️flour – 1 tablespoon;
▫️ semolina – 1 tablespoon;
▫️a pinch of salt;
Lubricating oil.
▫️+ 1 tablespoon each of semolina and flour for rolling matches.
Add half an egg, semolina, flour, vanilla sugar, and salt to the cheese. Knead with your hands and set aside for 15 minutes (so that the semolina swells). We form matches as shown in the video and fry on a pan on both sides until golden. Serve with sour cream, honey, berries.